Fossil Record Monoprint

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This is a fractal art monoprint transfer to copper. It is displayed between two 12 x 12″ squares of plexiglass offset with copper spacers. There are 15 of them in the collection which will be posted soon.Fossil Record

Detail shots of side and back are below:

fossil600side600 back600

Etsy Store – Metal & Memories

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I’ve put my copper books (see the earlier post) and some nostalgic photoart prints (not my abstract stuff) in a new store called Metal and Memories on Etsy.  Use the link or search for withDigitalEyes – our studio name.

Below are two of the photoart prints only available on Etsy.


Haying the old fashion way – a restored and colorized photo from the family’s album.


Necessary Equipment – a photo of the “junk” that my father-in-law had accumulated in his barn.

Happy Holidays Everyone

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Happy Holidays Everyone

Happy Holidays Everyone

New Batch of Copper Books have Arrived

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copper books

A new batch of copper books are waiting to be sealed. There is a new title front and center.

siblingsA Lesson for Siblings: Growing apart doesn’t change the fact that for a long time we grew side by sides, our roots will always be tangled.

Rainy Day in Maine

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It’s a rainy day in Maine and the studio is in full swing. I think I need more flat surfaces!


New Metal Series

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Just wanted to share a new piece. zen

It is a digital art piece transferred onto a metal sheet and covered with resin. It can be any size but this one is 30 x 30 on aluminum.



5 Don’ts for sizing images

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I’m continually surprised by artists who post full size images at 300+ dpi (dots per inch) on the web! It is just asking to be stolen.

  • First – A computer monitor can only show 72 dpi so there is no reason to post an image that is 300 dpi on the web.
  • Second – I don’t even print at 300 dpi – most of my printing is at 150 and that is the file size I use to create. (DPI is a printing term | PPI is a computer image term.)
  • Third – Putting a 12″ by 30″ picture on the web at 300 dpi and pulling the corners in to make it smaller, doesn’t reduce the image contents at  all.
  • Fourth – Don’t put an image over 500 ppi (pixels per inch) except under special circumstances. Zoom in a give detail soptionshots of the image.
  • Fifth – When saving as a JPG, don’t use a high quality setting. Get it as low as you can without loosing image quality. The higher the quality the more information is in the file and the easier it is to be copied and reprinted.

Resolution examples:


Difference the resolution size makes for the actual image size on the screen. The quality of the image however hasn’t dropped.

(I’ve cut into the picture more, but it is all still there.)


New product – Patina Paintings

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Copper foil that has been randomly sprayed with patinas ispatinapainting
left outside in the weather to cure and develop fantastic
colors and shapes.
They are displayed in a curved 8.5 x 11 acrylic holder ready to set on a desk or shelf.
No two will be alike – the resulting designs will be totally random.

Website/Blog Design

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I’ve gotten a lot of comments about the design of this blog, and thought I’d talk a little about it. The theme is free and is called “Elements of SEO”. I took it and customized it to fit what I wanted to complement my art. That answers the major questions that I’ve gotten.

A website or blog should always support the purpose of your business (sales, services, or sharing). Make a list of the kinds of things you want your bog or site to do for you. For example, collect e-mail addresses, sign people up for newsletters, buy a product, showcase your art or samples, have video, manage a gallery of photos, monetized, etc.

Then you go and look for a theme or platform (WordPress, Joomla, etc.) that offers these modules. Never mind the colors and pictures that you see in the themes – look for the services. I wanted a site with a nice but not overpowering banner, good typography (type style), 3 columns, and widget ready.

Elements of SEO


Future Questions from

Do it yourself or get help?

WordPress or Joomla?

How to manage a gallery online?

How to use e-mail marketing as part of your marketing plan.

Working on Metal

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I’ve been working on some designs to go onto metal. I use aluminum and copper. The image below will go onto an aluminum sheet.circles12

I’d appreciate any comments or reactions. Send me an e-mail direct to

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