New Piece

mandarinMandarin Orange
48″ x 16″

Indoor / Outdoor Art

My digital images are printed onto transparencies and layered over copper or aluminum sheets. The metal and image is mounted to a wooden box backing which has been treated with waterproof deck stain. The entire surface is then covered with acrylic resin which seals and protects the image. It also provides a glassy 3-D effect to the finished piece.

As waterproof as it can be, it can be used outdoors or in.

Prep for ArtExpo in New York

The Studio is in full screech mode as we work to finish projects and pack for the ArtExpo at Pier 94 in New York City. The Show runs from April 23 – April 26. We are in the SOLO show for individual artists in Booth S212. If you’re going to be in or near NY come see my new metal work in person.


Max, the wonder puggle, is in charge of packaging when he isn’t sleeping on the bubble bags.


Jen working on cutting the cooper hangers for the copper bars at the top of some pieces.









Mono-prints on metal collection now available

wizard3I’ve just posted the collection of mono-prints on metal that I told you about in the last post. I ended up with 23 images instead of the 15 I though I had. I guess I kept making them and making them. They are rather addictive.

To the left is my favorite – The Wizard!

You can see all of them in my new shopify store which I’m just setting up at

They are under One-of-a-Kind and then Mono-prints on Metal from the navigation bar.

Fossil Record Monoprint

This is a fractal art monoprint transfer to copper. It is displayed between two 12 x 12″ squares of plexiglass offset with copper spacers. There are 15 of them in the collection which will be posted soon.Fossil Record

Detail shots of side and back are below:

fossil600side600 back600

Etsy Store – Metal & Memories

I’ve put my copper books (see the earlier post) and some nostalgic photoart prints (not my abstract stuff) in a new store called Metal and Memories on Etsy.  Use the link or search for withDigitalEyes – our studio name.

Below are two of the photoart prints only available on Etsy.


Haying the old fashion way – a restored and colorized photo from the family’s album.


Necessary Equipment – a photo of the “junk” that my father-in-law had accumulated in his barn.